MTEK Information Technology Co., Ltd.


Category Research Institute Management Support
Common Items
  • 1. Summer / Winter vacation (3 days), sandwich holiday
  • 2. Summer vacation and national holiday bonus (the same amount), year-end performance-related bonus (diffrentiated amount)
  • 3. Family event bonus (terms are being drawn up)
  • 4. Monthly car maintenance support of KRW 100,000 for car owners
  • 5. The salary package is renewed every one year from the date of employment. However, salary package renewal is possible once during the company year when showing performance.
  • 6. Overtime and holiday work pay
  • 7. Supporting employees for their trainings and book purchases for the purpose of improving their jop competency
  • 8. Supporting company dinner once per month
(Under the age of 34)
  • 1. Tax deduction for the young (for newcomers)
  • 2. Tax deduction for the incumbents (for those who hav worked for over one year)
Performance Management
  • 1. Rewarding inventions (paying inventors)
    • Patent application : KRW 300,000 (per case)
    • Patent registration : KRW 500,000 (per case)
  • 2. Rewarding Commercialization (considered when renewing salary package and witer vacation performance-related bonus)
    • Commercialization after the development and production of a product
    • Winning outsource orders and making contracts
  • 1. Rewarding Contributions according to R&D orders (bonus in accordance with the number of participants)
    • When winning R&D order at over KRW 100 million (paying KRW 1 million per case)
    • When winning non-R&D orders at over KRW 20 million (paying KRW 300,000 per case)
  • 1. Chances of business trips abroad (exhibitions, market expansion, related organization programs to Japan/China/Vietnam)