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EV Charger

Affordable and portable DC quick charging system for EVs 

ITEM EV Charger
RV Li-Ion BAT 9㎾h (Maximum : 18㎾)
Input 320VDC ~ 450VDC
Output 420VDC
Functions HMI Available / Can 2.0 / COMBO
Size 753×610×842㎜
Weight 142㎏

V2X Inverter

Enabling a user to easily supply power by using EV batteries through this energy-networking 1.5㎸ V2X Inverter

ITEM V2X Inverter
RV 1.5㎾
Input 150VDC ~ 450VDC
Output 100VAC(50㎐) or 220VAC(60㎐)
Functions HMI Available / CAN 2.0 / PLC
Size 200×300×270㎜
Weight 3㎏